Boxing Commission

Boxing is a major spectator sport in North Carolina and is closely watched and regulated by the state's Boxing Authority to keep participants safe and to sanction organizations that promote live boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and toughman bouts.

North Carolina normally ranks in the top ten in the country for event nights bouts, holding boxing and toughman events each year, including professional, amateur, sanctioned amateur and toughman boxing.

In 2014/15 FY, the NC Boxing Authority issued more than 1,800 licenses to promoters, matchmakers, managers, cornermen, judges, referees, timekeepers, knockdown timekeepers, announcers, and fighters. The Boxing Authority maintains records on over 10,000 amateur and professional fighter and toughman contenders.

The supervisor of the Boxing Authority has the power to monitor, investigate and use judicial injunctions, suspensions, fines and criminal prosecution to prevent corruption such as economic exploitation of fighters, unlicensed or illegal events, or fatalities.

The Boxing Authority works with the Association of Boxing Commissions, a nonprofit organization that promotes the health and safety of contestants but has no enforcement authority over its members.

Responsibilities of the North Carolina Boxing Authority include:

  1. Annual licensing of all promoters, managers, matchmakers, ring officials, seconds and contestants doing business in the state of North Carolina.
  2. Assuring bonds, permits and insurance coverage are obtained for all events as set out in the state statute and rules as adopted by the agency.
  3. Active regulation of each professional boxing, kickboxing and toughman event for compliance to federal and state law and rules as adopted by the agency.
  4. Formation and adoption of rules and policies to assure the safety and integrity of events and the compliance with state and federal law.
  5. Prevention of unlicensed or illegal events from occurring through active monitoring, investigation and use of judicial injunctions, suspensions, fines and criminal prosecution.
  6. Interaction with other states boxing regulatory agencies to assure coordination and reciprocal honoring of fines, prosecutions, investigation and suspensions.
  7. Issuance of federal identification cards to all professional boxers that reside in North Carolina.